How to get rid of stuck/dead pixels on a Canon DSLR camera?

After I bought my new Canon EOS 40D and took some blue hour and night photos I found out that i have a bright white pixel near the center of the image. I found out that the
RAW converter fixes this problem but JPG files are still an issue.
This pixel is a stuck pixel, or sometimes it called dead pixel. Usually stuck pixel is bright, while dead pixel is black.

Of course I was not happy because i thought this means I have to send my brand new camera back for a replacement or repair. So I started to google this problem and deep in a forum I found something, something interesting: It seems Canon cameras has a self repair function that can be activated through the menu. All we have to do is to charge up the batteries and go to the menu and initiate a “Manual Sensor Cleaning” then wait about a half minute then turn off the camera.
I made several tests and was not able to see the stuck pixel again on JPG images after this process so IT WORKS!

UPDATE: It seems this method works on some Nikon models too.

After I posted this solution to my blog I get several responses so this method works on

  • Canon EOS 100D
  • Canon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel XTi
  • Canon EOS 450D
  • Canon EOS 500D
  • Canon EOS 550D
  • Canon EOS 600D
  • Canon EOS 700D / T5i
  • Canon EOS 40D
  • Canon EOS 50D
  • Canon EOS 60D
  • Canon EOS 70D
  • Canon EOS 7D, 7D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 5D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III
  • Canon EOS 6D
  • Canon EOS-M

If you have luck with this on other camera models leave a comment and I'll update this post.



My New 6D had several red and white stuck pixels from the factory.
Didn't find manual cleaning (only sensor cleaning) in the menu at first, but had to set the camera to bulb-mode to find it in the menu.

Seems all pixels got remapped and no visible stuck pixels any more
Thank you

Wow! This was a life saver! A few pixels turned blue and I thought they were dead pixels and I'd have to send in! Tried your trick and it fixed all of the little specks! Thank you so much!

I`ve tried on my Canon t3 and it didn`t work!!!

DONT WORRY!!! IT WORKS!!! I tried again a couple more times and each time more pixels became unstuck... now completely clear, cheers mate!

I tried this on 5D mkii and worked!!

BUT it has not worked completely on my 550D, it removed maybe 50% of the many dots I found after picking up my 550D for the first time in a long while...

Any other suggestions??

I had a stuck red pixel on my Canon Rebel XT. Your procedure worked like a charm. Thanks!!!

This worked very well. My problem was that they were red not white (Its the same thing though). I had a many different dots scattered all over about 20 total. I did this and it was all good. It was all good for about 4 months and now more appeared. This is only a temporary fix for the time until you are able to buy another body.

It works !!! red dot dissapeared - Thank You very much !!!

Wow, I had the same problem... mine was only white when on high ISO and in really dark, but it only came up on video recordings. I was close to calling canon and was dreadding returning or repairing it... but just googled your page about a minute ago, tried your advice and it seems to have solved it. Without needing to take off the lens and do anything, the bright pixel has gone! Thanks!

Amazing! fixed the white dot in my 650D!

I had my t3 for about a year and then suddenly every picture became really red tinted with strange pixel patterns across the photo, and when zoomed in I can see that lines of red pixels appear in reoccurring patterns. Even in monochrome, the red is gone but the pixel patterns are still there. At first I thought it was just noise, but I get it even at ISO100 to the point that my photos are unusable. Might it be a serious case of this "stuck pixel" or possibly something more serious?

This seems something different. You should send your camera to service

Manual sensor cleaning in canon cameras is done by a high frequency vibration of the sensor. They usually do this by them selves as you turn them off. Both my 550D and my 7D do this. Mirror lock up is for physically cleaning the sensor.

Yes, exactly.

For those of you who have "fixed" the "problem", you have some other issue that was fixed by manual sensor cleaning but it wasn't a dead pixel. I spoke with Canon tech support directly today and there is no remapping function associated with manual sensor cleaning. In the EOS Professional Digital Pro software there is a remapping function but that works only if you process all files within the PPD program. Alternately you can send your camera in to Canon and they will remap the way the camera and sensor work together and your camera will work fine with other editing programs: PS, LR, etc.

But I'm glad for those who are making better photos now... :)

Canon do not clarify this but still, it somehow seems to work. Maybe a miracle but as you see we have a lot of positive feedback about this and also it get rid of my stuck pixel too.

It worked on my canon 50D,
I just wanted to say thank you very much for making this information easier to find,
Very happy, I can start taking close up photo's again

Worked for my canon T4i as well. Thanks a ton!!!

Big thanks!!!! Fixed few pixels on my kiss x5

Didn't work on my T1i.

I tried every way with it - lens on, lens off, 30 seconds, a couple minutes, etc. Nothing worked, so now I have no idea what to do. If this is such a common problem on so many Canon cameras (especially new cameras), and Canon is aware of it but doesn't fix the problem in production, why is anyone sticking with Canon? It sounds like Canon figures people are going to throw money at them for camera equipment anyway, so who cares about quality? And I've been a loyal Canon customer for years.

This is not an issue with Canon but with all sensors. It is nearly impossible to manufacture 100% perfect sensors while they have to keep the prices down. This is why they included a way to map out the defective pixels and average the color of the surrounding pixels. However if your camera producing an issue on every photo which can be clearly seen on the JPG/RAW files you should bring the camera to the Canon service, I'm sure this issue is covered by the warranty.

Yes it worked on my canon 600d!!!! Thanks a million!

Worked for me :)

Really works with my 450d!

Fixed my t3i thank the lords. Hopefully someone is getting this guy a Nobel Prize or something.

Worked on my brand new 6D! In the first test video that I shot, I saw a hot pixel bang in the center and was really disappointed. Manual cleaning did the trick, I'm so relieved :)

Dunno how this would work, the manual cleaning is just supposed to hold the sensor open so that you can physically clean the sensor with a wipe.

theoretically yes but practically it seems the camera initiate some sensor mapping feature which identifies stuck pixels and maps them out.

didn't work with my 5D Mark 2. tried it for quite a while and with different cleaning times from 10 secs to 90 secs, also while program was set on "M" and "Av".

Thats bad news. Previously I got feedback from 5D Mark II owners that the trick worked fine. Maybe you have a different firmware or somehow it cannot map the bad pixels out.

Worked on my 650D. Single red square next to some birds I was photographing. Totally ruined the shots. tried this and now I can't see the red square on a white background shot. Very pleased - thanks..!

Wonder if manual cleaning performs some kind of "sensor reset" as well..?


Your tip worked on my two-month 600d. Thank you very much :D !

Just used this method on my t2i (550D) and it worked perfectly! Removed white pixels that had been present in earlier video clips. Thanks!

Thanks, it really works! Just "fixed" my 650D with a stuck white pixel near the middle of the picture. Was worried I will have to bring the camera to the service and be few weeks without it.

worked well for me, great work

brand new 6d, works fine! white pixels disapere. thank you!

I have a problem , the zoom barrel is jammed and doesn't rotate properly .. ? so you would mind in sorting out this problem .?its really urgent

70D funcionou!
Será que não voltam?

It worked... thank you for the tip. All I had to do is click manual cleaning for 30 seconds and turn it off. Did not have to remove the lens or anything. Wow

Wow, this really works!!!
You saved me lots of misery from my used t3i / 600d

THANKS A MILLION.. (well more like thanks a 500 bux ;)

what I did, set to manual, with lens and cap on, set to manual cleaning
and let it sit for around 30 secs (it beeps during this) and then just
turned off. When powered back up, I could not get the bad pixel to show

Can confirm - works great on 6d. THANK YOU.

oh thank god...and you. it worked on my 6d. I tried the sensor cleaning when it was on automatic a bunch of times and it didn't work. The thing that made it work was by putting it on Manual mode, which gives more options to sensor clean. thanks!!!!

That is a substandard digital camera. I suppose a number of major aboard problem. It is best to bring it to your service.

Im on holiday right now in India just done a long night exposure and see quite a lot of red blue and white pixels so I done this and there all gone great hack this I own a 5D mk3 and do loads of long exposures so this had me worried thanks for the tip

Im on holiday right now in India just done a long night exposure and see quite a lot of red blue and white pixels so I done this and there all gone great hack this I own a 5D mk3 and do loads of long exposures so this had me worried thanks for the tip

I just bought my canon t3i 3 months ago, and after a day of shooting in house videos and using 6400iso, I reviewed my video clips and there was a white dot on the video. it wasn't until I put it on my computer and watched it, that's when I seen it. I tried the manual cleaning method but it doesn't work,. I only see the white dot on 6400 iso, I tried 3200 and the dot is not there. I called canon and they said they can clean it but chances are another dot might appear. what does this mean?.. they said its a common problem and it cant be exchanged only repaired. So am I basically screwed? or is this a problem that can be fixed

Thanks a million. Works on my Canon 7D.

Worked on my 6D! I was getting anxious about it until I stumble upon this and tried it. Cheers man!

Thanksamillion, it worked on my Canon 70D.