How to get rid of stuck/dead pixels on a Canon DSLR camera?

After I bought my new Canon EOS 40D and took some blue hour and night photos I found out that i have a bright white pixel near the center of the image. I found out that the
RAW converter fixes this problem but JPG files are still an issue.
This pixel is a stuck pixel, or sometimes it called dead pixel. Usually stuck pixel is bright, while dead pixel is black.

Of course I was not happy because i thought this means I have to send my brand new camera back for a replacement or repair. So I started to google this problem and deep in a forum I found something, something interesting: It seems Canon cameras has a self repair function that can be activated through the menu. All we have to do is to charge up the batteries and go to the menu and initiate a “Manual Sensor Cleaning” then wait about a half minute then turn off the camera.
I made several tests and was not able to see the stuck pixel again on JPG images after this process so IT WORKS!

After I posted this solution to my blog I get several responses so this method works on

  • Canon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel XTi
  • Canon EOS 450D
  • Canon EOS 500D
  • Canon EOS 550D
  • Canon EOS 40D
  • Canon EOS 50D
  • Canon EOS 60D
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark I, Mark II, Mark III
  • Canon EOS 6D

If you have luck with this on other camera models leave a comment and I'll update this post.



This post is different from what I read on most blog about dead pixels on a Canon DSLR. Thanks for share.

On my xti this option just opens up the mirror so you can "manually clean" the sensor. From my understanding this wouldn't do very much to fix dead pixel by just opening and shutting it.

Yes, it looks like the way you describe but still, it works. I guess this option triggers some software based pixel mapping function too.

Gotta say, I didnt think this would work.. But it does :D
Thank you very much!

I thought the stuck pixel was related to the screen instead of the lens. I am a bit confused.

stuck/dead pixel can be on the screen too but in this case it doesn't affect the photos you take. However when there is a stuck/dead pixel on the CCD or CMOS imaging device inside your camera, then it can affect the photos too.

I just got a refurbished 600D/T3i in the mail and had a red stuck pixel on the sensor. As I'll be using the camera for mostly video, this is really annoying. I found this article, followed the instructions (very doubtful that this was a fix) but viola! It's true! Manual cleaning must have some kind of software remapping in-body that detects hot or stuck pixels and remaps them. My photos are all coming out GREAT now! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS FIX!!!

I had a stuck pixel on my brand new EOS 6D just in the center zone of the image. Your method worked indeed! This is great! Thank you so much!!

I tried the fix on my canon 550D but with no luck.
here's a picture with no lens just the cap on:

Make sure to put the camera in manual mode and don't do an exposure longer than 1/10 sec. With a long, 30 sec exposure it is normal to get some hot pixels.

'manual sensor cleaning' worked in in my new 6d.The red dot disapeare.

I was very skeptical too, but I gave a shot and voila!
Canon 5D Mark II, 3 red stuck pixels happily gone!

THANK YOU. I don't know why this technique worked, but it did.
I had two little red pixels, sometimes white...that I could fix in post for stills, but certainly not for video. I was fearing that I'd need to send my 60D out for a paid repair, which I didn't want to do. (Who DOES?)
So I Googled this issue, found this page, tried this method of changing the sensor cleaning mode to MANUAL to lock up the mirror (even though I wasn't actually cleaning it) and then then powering off for a few seconds. SOMEHOW those dead or stuck pixels disappeared and the image is totally clean again. What a quick and easy fix. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Wow... I didn't think that would work... Totally shocked. Thanks.


Please email me if possible, my canon 550 D has a constant pink screen (menu & display & all windows) - i tried charging the battery, changing the settings, sensor cleaning - nothing seems to work

did not drop or tamper it - pls HELP

If this problem persist after replacing the battery then I think something got broken in your camera, probably the main board... you should visit a Canon service with this, I don't think this can be fixed easily...

If you still have a problem you can contact me at tanel(.)valdna at gmail dot com

Works on my 1 month old EOS 100D too. Legendary.

Just bought a T5i and after one week the monitor is freezing in video mode. Frozen pixels in long vertical rows. And when I turn the camera off, the frozen monitor stays on - crazy. Even with battery removed
it won't work. The camera also gets very hot. Any idea? Thank you!

This seems to be a defective camera. I guess some main board issue. You should bring it to a service.

super!!! fixed the red dot right in the centre of the pictures was driving me nuts.. only got my 500d a week ago. new to dslr,s freaked out thinking i had been ripped off. but great all is well with the world once more :O)

Thanks a lot!!!! This saved me from lots of problems.... After buying a used canon t4i camera from a craiglister, took some the following day wedding pics and videos, i can see those stuck pixels especially in video after viewing it on the computer...was very annoyed.... I thought I bought a bogus camera and spent all that money for it... After doing the manual cleaning method mentioned, I was surprised it worked and it saved me so much trouble. Thank you

Bless you! 2 weeks 6D here. Worked just fine!

Thanksamillion, it worked on my Canon 70D.

Worked on my 6D! I was getting anxious about it until I stumble upon this and tried it. Cheers man!

Thanks a million. Works on my Canon 7D.

I just bought my canon t3i 3 months ago, and after a day of shooting in house videos and using 6400iso, I reviewed my video clips and there was a white dot on the video. it wasn't until I put it on my computer and watched it, that's when I seen it. I tried the manual cleaning method but it doesn't work,. I only see the white dot on 6400 iso, I tried 3200 and the dot is not there. I called canon and they said they can clean it but chances are another dot might appear. what does this mean?.. they said its a common problem and it cant be exchanged only repaired. So am I basically screwed? or is this a problem that can be fixed

Im on holiday right now in India just done a long night exposure and see quite a lot of red blue and white pixels so I done this and there all gone great hack this I own a 5D mk3 and do loads of long exposures so this had me worried thanks for the tip

Im on holiday right now in India just done a long night exposure and see quite a lot of red blue and white pixels so I done this and there all gone great hack this I own a 5D mk3 and do loads of long exposures so this had me worried thanks for the tip

That is a substandard digital camera. I suppose a number of major aboard problem. It is best to bring it to your service.

oh thank god...and you. it worked on my 6d. I tried the sensor cleaning when it was on automatic a bunch of times and it didn't work. The thing that made it work was by putting it on Manual mode, which gives more options to sensor clean. thanks!!!!

Can confirm - works great on 6d. THANK YOU.

Wow, this really works!!!
You saved me lots of misery from my used t3i / 600d

THANKS A MILLION.. (well more like thanks a 500 bux ;)

what I did, set to manual, with lens and cap on, set to manual cleaning
and let it sit for around 30 secs (it beeps during this) and then just
turned off. When powered back up, I could not get the bad pixel to show

It worked... thank you for the tip. All I had to do is click manual cleaning for 30 seconds and turn it off. Did not have to remove the lens or anything. Wow

70D funcionou!
Será que não voltam?

I have a problem , the zoom barrel is jammed and doesn't rotate properly .. ? so you would mind in sorting out this problem .?its really urgent

brand new 6d, works fine! white pixels disapere. thank you!

worked well for me, great work

Thanks, it really works! Just "fixed" my 650D with a stuck white pixel near the middle of the picture. Was worried I will have to bring the camera to the service and be few weeks without it.

Just used this method on my t2i (550D) and it worked perfectly! Removed white pixels that had been present in earlier video clips. Thanks!

Your tip worked on my two-month 600d. Thank you very much :D !


Worked on my 650D. Single red square next to some birds I was photographing. Totally ruined the shots. tried this and now I can't see the red square on a white background shot. Very pleased - thanks..!

Wonder if manual cleaning performs some kind of "sensor reset" as well..?

didn't work with my 5D Mark 2. tried it for quite a while and with different cleaning times from 10 secs to 90 secs, also while program was set on "M" and "Av".

Thats bad news. Previously I got feedback from 5D Mark II owners that the trick worked fine. Maybe you have a different firmware or somehow it cannot map the bad pixels out.

Dunno how this would work, the manual cleaning is just supposed to hold the sensor open so that you can physically clean the sensor with a wipe.

theoretically yes but practically it seems the camera initiate some sensor mapping feature which identifies stuck pixels and maps them out.

Worked on my brand new 6D! In the first test video that I shot, I saw a hot pixel bang in the center and was really disappointed. Manual cleaning did the trick, I'm so relieved :)

Fixed my t3i thank the lords. Hopefully someone is getting this guy a Nobel Prize or something.

Really works with my 450d!


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