Have you ever wanted to create beautiful night photos but it was completely dark when you found the right spot and subject? Well the bluehoursite.com web site will help you by calculating the best time frame for taking stunning blue hour pictures. If you don't know what is "blue hour" then you're in the right place. It refers to the time after the sun goes below the horizon and the sky goes into deep blue for a while. This is the best timing to take photos. You can learn more about this in the articles section by reading the tutorials.

Random Flickr photos from the group Blue Hour Group

Almsse_Winterwunderland-3937-1KölnTurm, Im Mediapark 8, 50670 Köln, Mediapark, Im Mediapark, 50670, Köln, Akademie der Künste der Welt/Köln, gemeinnützige GmbH, Im Mediapark 7, 50670 Köln, Interhyp AG Köln - Baufinanzierung, Im Mediapark 8a, 50670 Köln, Generalkonsulat der Republik Polen in Köln, Im Mediapark 5C, 50670 Köln, OSMAN 30, Im Mediapark 8, 50670 Köln, SK Stiftung Kultur, Im Mediapark 7, 50670 Köln, Cinedom, Im Mediapark 1, 50670 Köln, Marcin, Adrian, www.marcinadrian.de, 50389 Wesseling, werbekurier, Stadt Wesseling, Köln, Bonn, Germany, Canon, Ricoh, THETA, S,
#Marcin_Adrian #www.marcinadrian.de #50389 #Wesseling #werbekurier #Stadt_Wesseling #Köln #Bonn #Germany #Canon #Ricoh #THETA #SBelvédère des Buttes-ChaumontWest Sussex, England
The Blue HourSingapore SkylineFirst light over Bryce Canyon Amphitheater, seen from Bryce Point.

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Your Blue Hour

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After I posted this solution to my blog I get several responses so this method works on Canon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel XTi, Canon EOS 500D, Canon EOS 50D and Canon EOS 5D Mark II too.

If we had enough luck and good weather conditions the photo already nice but I'm sure it is also contains a lot of possibilities.

Taking good blue hour or night photos is easier than you think. Read below if you want to find out the basics of this beautiful part of photography.